1. First contact

Initial inquiry! If you have n idea for a piece or an event, reaching out is the first step. You can let me know if you'd like signage, a digital drawing etc. 

2. Brainstorm

The second step is talking! Let's get to know what your vision is and how I can help bring it to life. We'll break down the details. This will include material selection, colors etc. 

3. Custom Quote

After breaking down the details and learning everything you want for your piece, I'll be able to give you a custom quote/estimate for your piece. 

4. Contract + Deposit

A contract is written up and signed. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due prior to the design process. 

5. Design Process

At this time I'll start drafting up your piece! I'll provide you with 2-3 rough drafts from you to choose from. And from there, I'll provide 2 revisions. The revisions are more detailed drafts where the project is just about complete but you're able to make last minute changes. 

6. Final Payment

Your product is done! Ready for delivery or rental and final payment would be due at this time. 

Rizelle Fuentecilla

Bay Area, Ca

Tel: 707-315-8413
IG: @_Ellestrations

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