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Handlettered and Hand drawn pieces for your special occasion.



calligrapher | artist | creator


Hi, I'm Rizelle

I'm an illustrator or (Elle)strator based in Bay Area, California. I provide handlettered event signage, portraits - both live + digital and branding/logo design. I pride myself in the process of working with my clients until they are completely happy with the project.

By day, I live the dream of working with dogs and Ellestrations allows me to live out the passion I have for creating and serving the community. It brings me genuine joy to contribute to the happiness of others through art. 


Ellestrations was born in 2019 and flourished in the years to follow. The name is derived from my family nickname "Elle" + the word Illustrations. While I'm located in the Bay Area, I've served clients nationwide. 

Whether you're looking for a custom digital portrait to immortalize a moment in time, looking for a show stopping calligraphy piece for your special day or needing some visual guidance to bring your business to life - I'd love to work with you and explore your ideas. Let's connect!

If you have a VISION you'd like to bring to life, don't hesitate to reach out. I'd LOVE to work with you. 

Thank you for coming!

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